Three Ways To Wash Your Car Based On Cost And Time

20 June 2018
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Winter ends and spring brings you face-to-face with a car that is covered in the remnants of dirty, evaporated snow and gritty salt. All of that has to come off because the salt alone can cause your car to rust faster. So, a car wash is in order. However, there are a few ways to get your car washed. All of them are listed below, based on time consumed and cost.

Wash It Yourself

People who LOVE their cars baby their cars by washing their cars by themselves. Even if you do not treat your car like a living, breathing member of the family, you can still wash it yourself. Take a couple hours on a warm Saturday with a soapy bucket, rag or sponge, and a garden hose with a sprayer attachment, and the job is done. It costs you nothing in money, but it is rather time-consuming.

High School Car Washes

You see this all the time; high schoolers raising money for band uniforms, bus trips, etc., by holding a car wash. Find out if your local high schools are holding any sort of car wash fundraiser soon. It is a pretty good deal for everyone involved. Your car is washed, you did not have to do it, the kids complete the job in about twenty minutes or less (with each kid working on a section of the car simultaneously), the kids get the money they need from sponsoring the car wash, and it only costs you around five to ten bucks. Of course, there is always the automatic car wash.

The Automatic Car Wash

The auto car wash is the deluxe choice for cleaning your car after a long, messy winter. Swipe your debit or credit card for payment, select what kind of car wash you want, the extra wash features you want, and hit start. The minute you pull into the car wash, the entire system does the rest. In about ten minutes or less, your car is spotless, dry, shiny, and if you paid for it, waxed. There is just one catch: the auto wash may cost you more than what the high schoolers would have charged. However, the high schoolers would not have dried or waxed your vehicle either.

To Sum It Up

The automatic car wash takes the least amount of time, but probably the most money. (It just depends which car wash station you use, and what extra services you want.) The kids take a little more time for less money than the car wash (usually), but they are also not as thorough. You can use up a couple hours of your own time, be as thorough as you want, and do the job for free, but who has that kind of time? The choice is yours.