Three Car Maintenance Tips

25 May 2017
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Caring for the appearance of your car is something that can help you with having pride in your vehicle, and it may also help with protecting the value of the vehicle. Unfortunately, there are some basic steps that car owners should take that are frequently overlooked.

Be Mindful Of Where You Park

The exterior of the car will be subjected to some of the most intense wear and tear. Unfortunately, people will frequently assume that the source of this wear and tear will always be due to flying roadside pebbles and other debris striking the exterior. However, it can also be possible for bird droppings and tree sap to cause substantial damages to the paint of the vehicle. Protecting the exterior of the car against these threats will require you to be mindful of where you park so that you avoid trees, overhead lights and power lines. While this may limit where you can park, protecting the paint of your car will be worth walking a few feet further.

Place A Napkin At The Bottom Of Your Cupholders

Your cup holders are likely some of your most used features of the car. Not surprisingly, the bottom of the cupholders can become extremely sticky due to residue from drinks and condensation. You will want to avoid this problem by placing a napkin at the bottom of the cup holders so that these substances will be absorbed. By changing out these napkins every couple of weeks, you can keep the bottom of your cup holders clean, which can help to reduce the prevalence of bugs and other pests being in your car.

Have Your Car Professionally Detailed On A Frequent Basis

While you may take great pride in your car and spend hours working to keep it clean, it is simply extremely difficult for individuals to thoroughly detail their cars due to the fact that they may not have the right equipment or expertise for this task. As a result, there will be some areas of your car that will become increasingly dirty, and this can have negative impacts on the overall appearance of your vehicle. By having your car professionally detailed at least twice a year, you can have these dirt accumulations and other cosmetic issues corrected before they lead to actual damage to the vehicle. For example, failing to detail the car's exterior can allow dirt and other moisture trapping substances to gather on the exposed metal, which can lead to corrosion forming. For more information about professional auto detailing, visit a carwash in your area.