How To Efficiently Organize Your Garage

12 August 2015
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Do your family members use your garage as a place to store things that should be in a different place? Maybe it's so crowded that you're having to be extra cautious not to bang the car doors on objects that have been left close to your car. If you want to organize your garage, here are some ideas.

Enlist Your Family - Consider having a family meeting.

  • Think about having a work day where everybody in the house pitches in to make the garage look nice.
  • At your meeting, think about asking every person in your family to get their personal belongings out and to put them where they belong. 
  • Consider enticing your kids with the promise that they can keep the money of their items that will be sold at a yard sale.

Work Day - On the day you have selected to do your garage project, consider waking everybody up early for a good breakfast and to get started on a big job. Consider taking every single item out of the garage so that you can start from scratch. Have designated areas for things that are going to charity, others that will be sold at the yard sale, and others that go directly to a large trash bin.

Rent Equipment -  Think about renting an industrial pressure washer.

  • Since everything has been removed from the garage, this is a great opportunity to thoroughly clean grime off the garage walls and to attack the garage floor, which probably has everything from soda pop to car grease on it.
  • Pressure washers have so much power in them that they can do your cleaning job in a matter of a very short time compared to the hours it would take you to do a thorough cleaning. Even stubborn tire tracks can be removed with a pressure washer. 
  • Keep little kids away while you work. The pressure is fierce and you don't want anybody getting hurt.

Finishing The Job - Think of what you'll need to keep things organized and buy them ahead of time so you'll be ready when things are taking back to the garage area.

  • If the garage has enough space, consider buying cabinets for things like spray paint, cleansers and hand tools.
  • Do you keep bikes and other play equipment in the garage? If so, think about buying shelves for things like balls, nets and horse shoes. Consider bike racks, too.
  • It might be time to buy a storage shed for lawn mowers and other large items.
  • Think of adding a section of perforated hardboard where you can hang hand tools, working gloves and other small items.

Now that your garage looks great, consider having a work day once or twice a month where your family can work to keep it clean and organized. If you're looking for a pressure washer, visit Canuck Industrial Sales Industrial Pressure Washers.